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Cobalt™ & SolidWorks

Seven designers from around the world, who use both Cobalt and SolidWorks, helped us create this 12-minute movie about why Cobalt is the best software for some projects or design approaches, while SolidWorks may be stronger for others.

In the movie we'll examine both products as they relate to:

  • Non-linear vs. linear workflow.
  • Parametric history and dimensional constraints available on demand.
  • Projects appropriate to each program.
  • Starting in Cobalt for easy design iteration, then going to SolidWorks for required delivery.
  • File translation between Cobalt and SolidWorks.
  • The special ease of use of Ashlar-Vellum's Organic Workflow™.

Full Screen High Resolution (movie at 1024x768)
This high resolution version is in .MOV format and suitable for QuickTime.
1.5 hrs at DSL 384 Kbs • 23 min at DSL or Cable 1.5 Mbs • 4 min at Cable 6 Mbs

PodCast Resolution (movie at 480x360)
This lower resolution version is in .M4V format and is suitable for QuickTime, iTunes, iPads or iPods.
20 min at DSL 384 Kbs • 5 min at DSL or Cable 1.5 Mbs • 1 min at Cable 6 Mbs