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Ashlar-Vellum Resource Library – Art Success Stories

Need to create art? Look here...

36.jpg Catching a Dream in Midair Rainbows shimmer and interleave in Dream Weaver, the recently completed work of art by sculptor Robert Perless for the Howell Cheney Technical High School in Manchester, Connecticut. Established in 1912 by the Cheney family, the school was founded to educate the workers in their silk ribbon mills.  "Catching a Dream in Midair" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (807.43kb)  "Catching a Dream in Midair" Story - A4 PDF File (801.62kb)

18.jpg Taking the Devil out of the Details with Cobalt™ Martin Brunt of Seattle Spiral builds 3D signs and environmental graphics that cost millions of dollars. Cobalt is a success for Brunt, giving him the edge to become the industry pace setter.  "Taking the Devil out of the Details with Cobalt™" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (551.93kb)  "Taking the Devil out of the Details with Cobalt™" Story - A4 PDF File (555.25kb)

11.jpg Cobalt™ Helps Create Mayhem “Cobalt was able to handle both the mechanical and ID aspects of this project in one integrated package. I can’t think of another product that has such a nice combo of industrial and mechanical design.”  "Cobalt™ Helps Create Mayhem" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (575.16kb)  "Cobalt™ Helps Create Mayhem" Story - A4 PDF File (595.95kb)