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Ashlar-Vellum Resource Library – Mechanical Success Stories

Explore mechanical devices of all types and designs.

56.jpg A Doggone Good Idea Steven Reiss had over 30 years of experience in the toy industry when he started doing freelance work for companies in the pet products industry. Through his veterinarian in New Hampshire, Reiss met Mark Robinson owner of  "A Doggone Good Idea" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (402.31kb)  "A Doggone Good Idea" Story - A4 PDF File (411.83kb)

55.jpg A New Way to Skin a Ski Montana International AG knows winter sports equipment. They are one of the leaders in ski and snowboard service machines and storage equipment. They’ve also been making high quality climbing skins since 1936. Walter Arnold, freelance designer, Ashlar-Vellum user and Swiss native, was recently engaged by Montana International to design a new fastener for these skins that was easy to use and flexible enough to work with any ski tip or splitboard design.  "A New Way to Skin a Ski" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (415.87kb)  "A New Way to Skin a Ski" Story - A4 PDF File (413.34kb)

48.jpg High Stylin’ in Xenon with Freestyle Systems Dryers Inventor, designer and former contractor, Blair Hopper, has patented a uniquely weightless blow drying system for up-scale hair salons across the globe. Using Ashlar-Vellum Xenon™ CAD and 3D modeling software on a Mac, Hopper continues to develop ground breaking products for the salon industry.  "High Stylin’ in Xenon with Freestyle Systems Dryers" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (488.80kb)  "High Stylin’ in Xenon with Freestyle Systems Dryers" Story - A4 PDF File (486.98kb)

39.jpg Keeping the Fun Factor in Design British designer Jonty Sherwill, of Sherwill Design, uses Ashlar-Vellum™ Xenon™ to conceptualize new products, packaging and interiors. In a career spanning thirty years in consumer and capital goods, transport interiors and yacht styling, finding an advanced CAD design package that offered as much fun as freehand sketching seemed an impossible dream. But Ashlar-Vellum delivered what was needed: an affordable 2D and 3D development tool with the ability to generate stunning visuals quickly.  "Keeping the Fun Factor in Design" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (739.47kb)  "Keeping the Fun Factor in Design" Story - A4 PDF File (733.11kb)

23.jpg A Designing Machine Wallace Beaudry is a machine designer, or maybe more accurately, a designing machine. He holds 40 patents, runs three companies and has designed and manufactured not only scores of products, but also the machines and tooling to manufacture those products.  "A Designing Machine" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (442.62kb)  "A Designing Machine" Story - A4 PDF File (449.04kb)