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54.jpg Slipper Satin & Ribbons Michèle Fremont has been a product designer working with Ashlar-Vellum software for almost 20 years. She began her career on a drafting board and later started using Vellum® while she was consulting in the toy industry for Hasbro, Tyco Preschool and Fisher-Price. She tells us that at least 85 toys that made it to market, and about another 100 that did not, were all designed in Vellum and later Graphite™.  "Slipper Satin & Ribbons" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (299.49kb)  "Slipper Satin & Ribbons" Story - A4 PDF File (303.47kb)

46.jpg Crafting the Dream Jueri Svjagintsev of Deep Eddy West designs and builds custom furniture. He loves things with shaped legs, carving and lathe work. Jueri got his start from his Russian-Estonian father who always had a shop. Later, Jueri studied painting at the University of Texas, but never lost his love for woodworking.  "Crafting the Dream" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (311.79kb)  "Crafting the Dream" Story - A4 PDF File (328.84kb)

44.jpg Walkin’ in Sunshine Martin Brunt finds huge satisfaction as a solar designer in helping people tie into the utility grid, and not only cut their electricity bills, but sell power back to the utility company. He is on the forefront of designing and building prefabricated solar arrays for dual-use carports, canopies and awnings that harness the power of the sun while at the same time provide shade below, and minimize any compromise to the roofing envelope. He’s been an Ashlar-Vellum software user for almost 20 years. Cobalt™ CAD and 3D modeling software has helped him solve a number of design problems across the industries in which he’s been a part.  "Walkin’ in Sunshine" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (562.09kb)  "Walkin’ in Sunshine" Story - A4 PDF File (505.29kb)

43.jpg Innovate to Differentiate “If you want something to look different, you often have to do something different in the production process,” says designer Fred Puksta, product designer for Crown Point Cabinetry, a high-end, custom cabinetmaking company that sells direct, globally via the internet.  "Innovate to Differentiate" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (546.39kb)  "Innovate to Differentiate" Story - A4 PDF File (522.79kb)

38.jpg Illuminating More than Product Design Brazilian designer, Celso Santos, of Rio 21, uses Cobalt™ for more than just product design. To him, the best way to maximize his profit on new products in Brazil is to handle not only the design, but the production, packaging, marketing and distribution to retail outlets. Santos finds the 3D capabilities in Cobalt so powerful and easy that he uses it in all areas of his business including packaging, customer assembly instructions, communication with his tool maker, even for his business card.  "Illuminating More than Product Design" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (534.82kb)  "Illuminating More than Product Design" Story - A4 PDF File (533.06kb)