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Ashlar-Vellum Resource Library – Transportation Success Stories

This area includes automative, marine, aeronaughtical and aerospace design.

52.jpg Mud, Snow, Sand, Meet Technology Trey Hermann’s creative impetus for starting Pronghorn Overland Gear came from his need for a bumper for a 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser. He found everything available came in steel, was ugly and very heavy. An experienced industrial designer, Hermann knew that when engineered and fabricated correctly, aluminum was a much better solution. He started designing the bumper using Cobalt™ CAD and 3D modeling software. Soon, one friend after another asked him to build one for their truck. After about the fourth, Hermann realized he had a viable business idea.  "Mud, Snow, Sand, Meet Technology" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (1105.42kb)  "Mud, Snow, Sand, Meet Technology" Story - A4 PDF File (1103.25kb)

49.jpg Retired by Design Merrill Hall hails from Downeast, otherwise known as the coast of Maine. Now retired, he has spent over 50 years as a design engineer for major technology and tool companies, and as a marine surveyor.  "Retired by Design" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (542.44kb)  "Retired by Design" Story - A4 PDF File (552.41kb)

45.jpg Success is No Shock for American Suspension Vince Costa’s life-long passion for motorcycles is reflected in American Suspension, his company that designs and manufactures high-end motorcycle suspension parts and systems for American bikes. His passion for using Ashlar-Vellum computer-aided drafting software also began early with Vellum® 2.7. Today he uses Graphite™ CAD software to draw the forks, brakes, wheels and shocks for customized American motorcycles. Costa tells us, “Graphite just seems to work fast, which is really important because we have to be continually coming up with new ideas.”  "Success is No Shock for American Suspension" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (1891.80kb)  "Success is No Shock for American Suspension" Story - A4 PDF File (1876.56kb)

42.jpg Studebaker: Iconic & Immediate As part the League of Retired Automotive Designers, John Houlihan got involved in the project to design a new-model Studebaker based on today's technology and styling. Sponsored by his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame Design Department, and hosted by the Studebaker Museum in South Bend Indiana, John felt particularly drawn to the idea.  "Studebaker: Iconic & Immediate" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (684.72kb)  "Studebaker: Iconic & Immediate" Story - A4 PDF File (679.29kb)

37.jpg New Access to Outer Space Orbital Expeditions® makes access to outer space easier than ever before. They provide support services and consulting for manned and unmanned payloads for government, research and commercial clients. As third-party integrators they bring together scientists requiring payload integration with civilian rocket launch producers creating low-cost spaceflights.  "New Access to Outer Space" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (344.31kb)  "New Access to Outer Space" Story - A4 PDF File (343.12kb)