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Ashlar-Vellum Resource Library – Consumer Product Success Stories

See house-hold items, jewelry, appliances and more.

40.jpg A Stiff Shot of Successo Ashlar-Vellum Xenon™ allowed designer John Bicht of VersaLab to expand his high-end home espresso grinder into a much sought-after professional espresso machine with the design of two important accessories for the commercial coffee market.  "A Stiff Shot of Successo" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (627.48kb)  "A Stiff Shot of Successo" Story - A4 PDF File (622.34kb)

28.jpg Xenon Changes Designer’s Point of View For over 24 years John Bicht continued to use paper and pencil every time he wanted to design a new product. Then he found Graphite™ and was amazed at the fluidity with which he could communicate his ideas.  "Xenon Changes Designer’s Point of View" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (237.63kb)  "Xenon Changes Designer’s Point of View" Story - A4 PDF File (243.21kb)

03.jpg A Sweet First for Starbucks When David Ryan took on the assignment to create a design for Starbucks’ new line of chocolates, he knew it meant coming up with a shape that was recognizably Starbucks.  "Starbucks" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (238.38kb)  "Starbucks" Story - A4 PDF File (243.18kb)

21.jpg In the Spirit of Great Design "We thought that it was very important to tell everybody that we used Cobalt from the beginning to design every detail of this product. Besides being technically perfect, it is a tool that allows us to communicate with clients, suppliers and consumers."  "In the Spirit of Great Design" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (2962.17kb)  "In the Spirit of Great Design" Story - A4 PDF File (1126.38kb)

04.jpg Optimizing the Optima One of the moments every designer dreads is when they have to show a new customer their first design concepts. In the case of the Optima Mug, this was simply not an issue.  "Optimizing the Optima" Story - 8.5x11 PDF File (461.64kb)  "Optimizing the Optima" Story - A4 PDF File (255.01kb)